Talent is born

The Friesian horse has fans all over the word. This is hardly surprising since his proud posture, elegant appearance and incredible character make the Friesian remarkable. In breeding, sport or at an inspection: the Friesian horse is in a league of its own.

Online Auction

The auction is held on the 31th of August and ends from 07.30 PM. Have you bred a good foal? Sign it up for the auction, this can be done simply and quickly through our online form.

Auctioning via EFA

Have you bred a good Friesian foal? Sign your foal up for the auction. Qualified selectors are happy to view your foal at a home visit.

Purchasing at EFA

Interested in the auction foals and curious to know more about the auction procedure? Read along for further info on purchasing a foal in the online Excel Friesian Auction.

Welcome to EFA

Excel Friesian Auction is an auction of top quality Friesian foals. Whether you are looking for future sport horses, breeding stallions or broodmares; the collection of the Excel Friesian Auction offers a varied range of foals specifically selected for the auction. The foals are selected by experts. 

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