First collection Excel Friesian Auction of exceptional quality

First collection Excel Friesian Auction of exceptional quality

The equestrian sector has never seen an auction for Friesian foals such as Excel Friesian Auction. Today, the organisation launches its first collection that is comprised of Friesian foals of absolute top quality. The auction takes place online on September 1st.

Online auction

“The Friesian horse has fans all over the world. That’s the main reason for organising the auction online,” commences Annelou de Man, who is responsible for the organisation together with Mirella van Leeuwen. “Detailed footage has been shot of all foals. The walk, trot and canter are obviously displayed in the video. We also added walking on hard surface and a 180-degree video. Furthermore, we have written an extensive text about the pedigree and performance of both parents. For some foals, dressage specialist Marc Peter Spahn has included his vision on the studbook paper. In this way we provide potential buyers with all information. Of course, it is possible to view the foals at home at the breeders. If you are interested, you can make an appointment via the organisation of Excel Friesian Auction.”

Excellent collection

No less than 16 foals out of this collection boast a full paper and 6 foals obtained a first premium at a fokdag or inspection over the last weeks. Foals are offered for your consideration by champion stallions such as Matthys 504 and Teun 505, combined to Model mares, first premium Star mares and IBOP-top scorers. Take for instance Valentino van de Waelhoeve, sired by Overall Champion of the 2020 KFPS Stallion Show Matthys 504 Sport Elite AAA bred out of an Uldrik 457 Ster Sport AA mare that passed her IBOP with solid marks and whose successful in-harness-career yielded her the Sport predicate as well as the Ladies’ Championship Zuid-Nederland and even twice the Pavo Frsyo Trophy. Enthusiasts can indulge in their passion with the foals that originate from various established damlines. Examples are the ‘Lutke Peinjum’-line and ‘fan it Hiem’-line plus multiple foals feature the Preferent predicate in every generation. A few foals have got compelling and genetically diverse blood flowing through their veins, which capitalizes on the current demand within the KFPS studbook. This collection caters for all tastes!

Experts went the extra mile

The foals were selected by professionals Marc Peter Spahn, Susan Winds, Willem Houterman, Huibert Maurice, Erwin Spliethof and Denise Klap. They travelled across the country to view all foals and put together a final selection. The foals have all been examined by veterinarian Marco de Bruijn of Dierenkliniek Wolvega. Right before the actual auctions, the foals are again inspected at home by a certified veterinarian.

The collection is now available online and can be found here. Would you like to receive more information about one of the auction foals? Please contact the organisation via .

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Excel Friesian Auction is een veiling van Friese veulens met kwaliteit. Of het nu gaat om toekomstige sportpaarden, dekhengsten of fokmerries; de collectie van Excel Friesian Auction heeft een gevarieerd aanbod van veulens.

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