Out of mutual love for the Friesian horse, Mirella van Leeuwen and Annelou de Man joined forces. The aim is to create a platform that connects buyers and sellers of Friesian foals. Quality, transparancy and service come first for this duo.

Annelou de Man

“A versatile professional in the Friesian horse world. As multifaceted as they come, she bred various successful Friesians, obtained multiple Dutch championship in harness titles, successfully competed at Small Tour level dressage and coordinated the training of¬† young stallions. In 2018 Susan was announced KFPS Breeder of the year, the cherry on top.”

Via annelou@excelfriesianauction.com or phone her at +316 21 29 31 20. Annelou can tell you all about the marketing and purchase of a foal.

Mirella van Leeuwen

“Ever since I was young, I have been passionate about the Friesian horse. The pleasant character and magnificent looks appealed to me. I am also passionate about event organisation. More in particular, animal and equestrian events are my speciality, always prioritizing quality, service and education. Going for a lovely hack on my Friesian mare or working with enthusiastic professionals invigorates me. I also hope to breed a foal that will shine at our auction!”

Via mirella@excelfriesianauction.com or phone her at +316 18 33 77 18. Mirella can tell you all about the organisation, selection and sale.
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