Take your pick: a sport horse, stallion prospect or future broodmare?

Take your pick: a sport horse, stallion prospect or future broodmare?

Multiple colts are an interesting acquisition towards the stallion show and the fillies are all potential broodmares. Besides, some foals were specifically selected for their aptitude for sport, also considering the ‘interior’, which means the foal has a genetic disposition for a strong health and willing character.

Looking for a pair of stallions with the same name and the same sire? This is your chance: Valentino K and Valentino van de Waelhoeve both descend from Matthys 504! The appealing fillies Us Famke fan de Ketting (Tymen 503) and Tia Amore D. van de Sprong (Yme 507) are both bred out a Model AA mare. The first premium filly Teuntsje van Lapinenburg (Teun 505) originates from an established lineage. What an incredible opportunity do these remarkable fillies present if you want to start breeding or are looking to upgrade your mare stock! Multiple foals celebrated success at a recent fokdag or inspection.  

The collection includes foals sired by 10 different stallions. Teun 505, Auwert 514 and Omer 493 supply each three children to the auction. The inbreeding coefficient of the foals is on average 1,98 within 5 generations. More than half of the foals features an inbreeding coefficient <2% within 5 generations. Unitas van de Egberdina Hoeve (Omer 493 x Tjaarda 483) boasts the most genetic variation in the selection; his relationship percentage 16.5%. The genetic makeup of Tedde N. van Hermalen (Omer 493 x Fabe 348) may also be called diverse as his relationship percentage is 16.9%.

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Excel Friesian Auction is een veiling van Friese veulens met kwaliteit. Of het nu gaat om toekomstige sportpaarden, dekhengsten of fokmerries; de collectie van Excel Friesian Auction heeft een gevarieerd aanbod van veulens.

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